Petice za záchranu chovu kanaanského psa

14. dubna 2012 v 19:15 | kajan |  KYNOLOGICKÉ TEXTY A ESEJE
We the undersigned believe that the continued preservation and development of the Israel Canaan Dog is important, to the cynological world, and to everyone interested in the original dog. The work that has been done for 42 years at Shaar Hagai Kennels has ensured the preservation of these dogs, and has acquainted the world with them and with their home, Israel.
Please allow this work to continue and to the dedicated people living there and preserving this natural treasure to remain in their home.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Katerina, You signed on February 3, 2012.

Your signature has been delivered to:
Israel Lands Authority
The end of the Canaans at Shaar Hagai???
Hello to everyone who knows us or has heard of us. I am in a situation where I need to turn to anyone who can help in any possible way.
Shaar Hagai Kennels is facing a serious legal suit by the Israel Government Lands Authority who intend to evict us and the dogs from the place where we have been living for nearly 42 years. To anyone who is not familiar with the history here, when I immigrated to Israel I chose to live in an isolated and derelict spot, with a few buildings that were built by the British during the mandate years, and were abandoned from the time they left. This was my form of Zionism â€" to breed and preserve the Canaan Dog, the national and natural breed of Israel, and one of the few original breeds still existing in the world, in a place that was also worth preserving
We chose to live here, in an isolated place that was in a condition of near total ruin when we moved here, without electricity or phone for 17 years,

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